Meet Lee Henderson

Lee Henderson is a Fort Worth native and an experienced servant leader. He grew up in Ridgmar and currently resides in the North Hi Mount neighborhood. 

A community leader with deep Fort Worth roots, Lee Henderson is proud of our city’s growth and knows we need strong leaders to ensure Fort Worth continues to work for us. 

A graduate of Arlington Heights High School, he came home to Fort Worth after college and built a manufacturing and technology company as the Chief Financial Officer, creating hundreds of good-paying jobs.

Lee currently serves as a national public policy & advocacy strategist, as well as a key advisor to many current and former elected officials.

Lee supports lowering YOUR property taxes.


Lee believes in a system where every property owner is treated fairly and assessed accurately, regardless of their background or influence. Together, let’s ensure that fairness is at the heart of our tax appraisal process.


  • Equity is a fundamental principle guiding Lee’s vision for the Tarrant Appraisal District. Lee is dedicated to ensuring that property taxes are assessed equitably, so that each member of our community pays their fair share based on their property’s true value.


Transparency breeds trust, and Lee, is committed that the district must provide clear and accessible information, and data, about the appraisal process. Lee will advocate for greater transparency in how property values are determined. Together, let’s shine a light on transparency in taxation.


Lee has a proven record of fighting for the rights and freedoms of every Texan and will put that dedication and experience to work for us.


For too long homeowners have had to shoulder the burden of funding in the form of sky-high property taxes. Lee is a taxpayer watchdog and will ensure that the taxpayers have lower property taxes.


The Tarrant Appraisal District recently suffered a ransomware attack. How much damage was done? Are we going to get our appraisal notices on time?


Project Managers, Economic Planners, Developers and Realtors tell of a recurring problem that is costing us jobs and tax revenue.


Early Voting is Monday, April 22nd through Tuesday, April 30th
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Election Day is Saturday, May 4th
7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m

Tarrant County Voters can vote at ANY POLLING LOCATION in the county.

7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m


Charlie Geren, State Representative 
Terry Meza, State Representative 
Beverly Powell, Former Texas State Senator 
Roy C. Brooks, Tarrant County Commissioner
Alisa Simmons, Tarrant County Commissioner
Macy Hill, Fort Worth City Councilmember D7
Dr. Camille Rodriguez, Fort Worth ISD Trustee and President 
Dennis Shingleton, Former Fort Worth City Councilmember D7

Ann Zadeh, Former Fort Worth City Councilmember D9
CJ Evans, Former Fort Worth ISD Trustee 
Ruby Woolridge, Former Arlington City Councilmember 
Rosa Navejar, Former President/CEO Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
Dorothy DeBose, Past President of Como NAC
Art Brender, former Chair, Tarrant Democratic Party
Tarrant AFL-CIO